Outside play

Whats happening outdoors.

We have a very spacious outside area where children can enjoy activities in  all kinds of weather.  The outdoor play area offers children the opportunity to develop their physical and co-ordination skills whilst allowing them to take risks and challenges to enhance their personal development. The outdoor area also gives us the opportunity to do some planting and learn how things grow and how to care for living things, the environment and also give the children a sense of achievement, seeing the visual effect of their efforts as the plants/ vegetables grow. We have recently improved our outdoor area by adding an agility wall, water investigation station, percussion stand and lots of additions to the mud kitchen.  We have also adding a fantastic sand pit for our children to enjoy.

We are also very fortunate to have the amazing surroundings of Deepdale play park and the field area. This is an ideal area to get out and use our bikes and scooters and kick a ball around.