Transition to reception

The start of primary schooling has been perceived as one of the most important transitions in a child’s life and a major challenge of early childhood. At our pre-school we have developed some successful initiatives with the local schools to ensure that we support both you and your child during this transition period.

Once you have been allocated a school place we will contact the school and invite the reception teacher to visit your child in our setting. This will provide an opportunity for them to meet your child, talk to your Childs Keyperson, and review their profile. We have found that this is a valuable opportunity enabling us to share your Childs interests, friendship groups and skills with their reception teacher. These visits are usually planned around the time when the school will invite your child to undertake some half day visits and therefore they get to familiarise themselves with their teacher. If you have any worries or concerns regarding your Childs transition please speak to their Keyperson.

Within the setting our staff team will work with you and your child to ensure that they are ready for the transition and that the move will be as smooth as possible.  By following the "road to school" journey we will support you and your child to build on the independance needed to make life in reception a happy one.