Funded places

Deepdale Pre-School is offering the 30hrs free childcare to all parents of eligable 3-4yr olds. Please contact us to secure your place.


Funded places for 3- 4 year olds and disadvantaged 2 year olds

FEEE (Free Early  Education Entitlement) is a funding for 15 hours per week over 38 weeks and is available the term after the child turns 3.


A child becomes eligible for 3yr old funding the term after they are 3, a 2 year old becomes eligible once Family Information Service is satisfied the family meet the criteria.This is now undergoing changes, please see notes below.

2 Year old funding

We are now also able to offer funded 2 year old places. Parents, Professionals and Children's Centres are able to refer a family, depending on their circumstances, for disadvantaged child funding.THIS NOW INCLUDES CHILDREN WITH ADDITIONAL NEEDS. Please speak to the manager for more details or ring Family Information Service Leeds.

Telephone: 0113 3789700