Messy play is a very tactile activity and an important one for all children, it is open ended and sensory and often leads to marvellous language and descriptive vocabulary.


    We have access to many sources of reference where we can print out articles or bullet points that may be of use to parents.


    Outside play is very important for young children and has so many benefits, fresh air, space, opportunity to take risks, exploring and investigating. A chance to observe wild life, flora and fauna, learn cycles of growth, study beetles, worms, how caterpillars change to butterflies. And simply time to use their muscles and limbs and learn the effect that being active has on their wellbeing.


    Over the years ideas and trends change on things like toileting, but it is a subject many parents struggle with. It is a fact that many children are starting school still not toilet trained and are having to be referred to outside professionals who are trained in Intimate Care and toileting problems. At Deepdale we will work with you to support your child through toilet training.


    Any child has to first go through stages before they are ready to read, they need listening skills and activities, sounds games they need to listen to someone reading a story to them. they need to be aware word carries meaning and see and recognise logos.Then when they are ready they can learn to read.