During the Covid 19 pandemic our settling in procedure will change in accordance with the government guidlines.

Please speak to a member of our team fo ran update on our procedure.


Every child settles into Pre-school in their own Unique way.

We work in partnership with parent/carer to ensure we support the child and parent in helping them settle.  Parents often feel sad to be letting their child be cared for by somebody else, others are quite excited and interested about pre-school life, and new opporrtunities for their child to learn, progress and develop.

There is no right  or wrong way to settle a child, they just need a positive consistent approach. Some children settle straight away and stay that way, some appear to have settled but a few weeks down the line are upset and unsettled

The first day will be a gentle day where we chat to mum,dad or carer and a time for questions you may have. You are very welcome to stay as long as you like and we will work together to help the child become involved in activities. We will ask what interests the child may have and if poss will use appropiate resources linked to that interest, we will work closley with your child and help them feel at ease. You will be introduced to the child's keyperson, who will be your person to liaise with with regard your child's progress.

Often a favorite toy or blanket or some such token can help the child settle, and offer comfort

Staff will help and often one consistent person will greet the child, welcome them and stay with them in activities, gradually backing away as the child begins to trust and relax.

You as parents and carers are welcome to use the kitchen and stay while your child settles, popping into the kitchen at intervals when the child is more settled and less upset. Gradually the child will settle and will enjoy all aspects of pre-school life at Deepdale, and will have as much support as they need, whenever they may need it.

If a child after a lengthy amount of time, is extremely upset, we will contact yourself or your appointed carer to explain how the child is. It may be that you will collect the child or just return to the setting and stay with your child till the end of session, whatever you decide we will be on hand to help, support and guide.

Sometimes it helps the child and parent ,to return earlier than our finishing time, the first few days can be tiring for the child and we would rather the child leave happy.

What do you need to bring when your child starts?

Your child needs to bring a bag, (not a plastic bag), with a toy or comfort object, a change of clothes,  seasonal headwear ,(named),and nappies,wipes and nappy bags if still in nappies.  In the summer suncream and sunhats will be needed.

No medication of any sort to be in the childs bag,  If your child is on medication please give it to a member of staff who will put it in a locked medicine cuboard till needed, appropiate forms will be completed.

We take great pride in our messy play sessions at Deepdale. We love allowing our children to experience getting messy hands with paints and glues and especially in the garden when digging.  With this in mind please consider the clothing that you send your child to school in as no matter how hard we try they are likley to get messy.  We do have a school uniform if you wish to order one.

At any time along this process please come and have a chat, we are here for you too. Majority of our staff are mums, we know exactly what you are all going through! ! We are here to help.

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